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1$Id: TODO 49 2005-08-07 15:20:17Z tim $
3If you are interested in contributing to this project, here's a few
4things you could look into:
6 - Testing, testing, and more testing.  reglookup needs to be tested on
7   NT/XP/2k3/Vista.  A regression test suite would be nice too.
9 - Build system.  I do not wish to use automake/autoconf in this
10   project.  I have also now decided that make is painful to use for
11   everything.  I'd like to switch to a suite of shell scripts driven by
12   minimal make rules.  If you got any ideas on this, shoot them my way.
14 - Unicode support.  I have never internationalized or localized any
15   software before.  This would be a big help for the SZ, EXPAND_SZ, and
16   MULTI_SZ data types.
18 - The interface between reglookup.c and regfio.c needs to be improved.
19   Many functions from reglookup should be moved to the library, and I
20   want to move to using iterator structs in the library.  This will the
21   library more threadsafe and may better support lazy parsing of many
22   structures which are currently parsed up front.
24 - The stuff in smb_deps.h and smb_deps.c needs to be cleaned up.  The
25   eventual goal is to have it all either integrated into regfio, or to
26   be eliminated, or broken out into small supporting libraries, as
27   necessary.  It is currently just a jumble of old Samba code that I
28   haven't decided where to put yet.
30 - Grep through the source for 'XXX', and you'll find more.
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