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1$Id: TODO 86 2007-01-19 15:19:54Z tim $
3If you are interested in contributing to this project, here's a few
4things you could look into:
6 - Testing, testing, and more testing.  reglookup needs to be tested on
7   NT/XP/2k3/Vista.  A regression test suite would be nice too.  Some
8   thoughts on this include a script which randomly fuzzes an existing
9   registry file, and tries to detect crashes of reglookup when parsing
10   it.  Another test script might randomly truncate an existing registry
11   file, which will help improve reglookup's parsing on fragmentary
12   files.
14 - Build system.  I do not wish to use automake/autoconf in this
15   project.  I have also now decided that make is painful to use for
16   everything.  I'd like to switch to a suite of shell scripts driven by
17   minimal make rules.  If you got any ideas on this, shoot them my way.
19 - Unicode support still needs improvement.  While parsing strings seems
20   to be decent, UTF-8 output would be nice.
22 - The interface between reglookup.c and regfi.c is much better than it
23   used to be, but the iter2Stack function needs to be moved into the
24   library, which means the \xQQ quoting syntax will have to go with it.
25   This syntax will need to be more carefully documented if it's going
26   to be a part of the library.
28 - NK/VK/SK record caching.  Right now, HBINs and perhaps SK records are
29   cached, but it's pretty haphazard, and NK/VK records are repeatedly
30   re-parsed.  A generic caching library should be introduced which can
31   cache many of these records with a specific memory limit in mind. 
32   I think this will speed things up greatly.
34 - It might be nice to have a way to filter results by security
35   descriptor information.
37 - Documentation.  The security descriptor output format needs to be
38   documented.  Also, function contracts should be added to the
39   lower-level functions of regfi.c.
41 - The stuff in smb_deps.h and smb_deps.c needs to be cleaned up.  The
42   eventual goal is to have it all either integrated into regfi, or to
43   be eliminated, or broken out into small supporting libraries, as
44   necessary.  It is currently just a jumble of old Samba code that I
45   haven't decided where to put yet.
47 - At least one user reported that they use reglookup on a Windows host
48   through Cygwin, but after version 0.3.0 came out, the dependency on
49   libiconv caused that to break.  libiconv seems to be a portability
50   issue on other platforms as well.  However, it's interface is a POSIX
51   standard, and I think I'd like to keep it around.  Perhaps it would
52   be nice if reglookup could be cross-compiled using MinGW.  Then a
53   binary could be distributed for that platform.  This app was never
54   meant for Windows though, so this isn't a high priority.
56 - Grep through the source for 'XXX', and you'll find more.
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