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1$Id: TODO 26 2005-07-09 00:28:40Z tim $
3If you are interested in contributing to this project, here's a few
4things you could look into:
6 - Testing, testing, and more testing.  reglookup needs to be tested on
7   NT/XP/2k3.  A regression test suite would be nice too.
9 - Build system.  I do not wish to use automake/autoconf in this
10   project.  However, more intelligent use of make would be nice.
11   I don't know it that well.
13 - Unicode support.  I have never internationalized any software
14   before.  This would be a big help for the SZ, EXPAND_SZ, and MULTI_SZ
15   data types.
17 - Grep through the source for 'XXX', and you'll find more.
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