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added minor documentation on ACE flags to regfi.c

vastly expanded output documentation in reglookup man page.

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  • trunk/doc/reglookup-timeline.1.docbook

    r64 r87  
    7373      created, renamed, deleted, or it's value is modified.  If this MTIME
    7474      data is critical to an investigation, any conclusions should be
    75       validated through experimentation in a lab environment.
     75      validated through experimentation in a controlled lab environment.
    7676    </para>
    7777    <para>
  • trunk/doc/reglookup.1.docbook

    r72 r87  
    165165    <para>
    166166      <!-- XXX: this should be a bit more formal -->
    167       <command>reglookup</command> generates a comma-separated values (CSV)
    168       compatible format to stdout.  The format is designed to simplify parsing
     167      <command>reglookup</command> generates comma-separated values (CSV)
     168      and writes them to stdout.  The format is designed to simplify parsing
    169169      algorithms of other tools by quoting CSV special characters using a
    170170      common hexadecimal format.  Specifically, special characters or non-ascii
    171171      bytes are converted to "\xQQ" where QQ is the hexadecimal value for
    172172      the byte.
     173    </para>
     174    <para>
     175      The number of columns or fields in each line is fixed for a given run
     176      of the program, but may vary based on the command line options provided.
     177      See the header line for information on which fields are available and
     178      what they contain.
     179    </para>
     180    <para>
     181      Some fields in some lines may contain sub-fields which require additional
     182      delimiters.  If these sub-delimiters occur in these sub-fields, they are
     183      also encoded in the same way as commas or other special characters are. 
     184      Currently, the second, third, and fourth level delimiters are "|", ":",
     185      and " ", respectively.  These are particularly important to take note of
     186      when security attributes are printed.  Please note that these delimiters
     187      may occur in fields that are not sub-delimited, and should not be
     188      interpreted as special.
     189    </para>
     190    <para>
     191      Security attributes of registry keys have a complex structure which is
     192      outlined here.  Each key will generally have an associated ACL (Access
     193      Control List), which is made up of ACEs (Access Control Entries).  Each
     194      ACE is delimited by the secondary delimiter mentioned above, "|".  The
     195      fields within an ACE are delimited by the third-level delimiter, ":",
     196      and consist of a SID, the ACE type (ALLOW, DENY, etc), a list of access
     197      rights, and a list of flags.  The last two fields are delimited by the
     198      fourth-level delimiter " ".  These final lists are simply human-readable
     199      interpretations of bits.  The access rights abbreviations are listed
     200      below along with their Microsoft-assigned names:
     201      <screen>
     202      QRY_VAL           KEY_QUERY_VALUE
     203      SET_VAL           KEY_SET_VALUE
     204      CREATE_KEY        KEY_CREATE_SUB_KEY
     205      ENUM_KEYS         KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS
     206      NOTIFY            KEY_NOTIFY
     207      CREATE_LNK        KEY_CREATE_LINK
     208      WOW64_64          KEY_WOW64_64KEY
     209      WOW64_32          KEY_WOW64_32KEY
     210      DELETE            DELETE
     211      R_CONT            READ_CONTROL
     212      W_DAC             WRITE_DAC
     213      W_OWNER           WRITE_OWNER
     214      SYNC              SYNCHRONIZE
     215      SYS_SEC           ACCESS_SYSTEM_SECURITY
     216      MAX_ALLWD         MAXIMUM_ALLOWED
     217      GEN_A             GENERIC_ALL
     218      GEN_X             GENERIC_EXECUTE
     219      GEN_W             GENERIC_WRITE
     220      GEN_R             GENERIC_READ
     221      </screen>
     223      And the meaning of each flag is:
     224      <screen>
     225      OI        Object Inherit
     226      CI        Container Inherit
     227      NP        Non-Propagate
     228      IO        Inherit Only
     229      IA        Inherited ACE
     230      </screen>
     232      Please see the following references for more information:
     233      <screen>
     238      </screen>
     239    </para>
     240    <para>
     241      Note that some of the bits listed above have either not been allocated by
     242      Microsoft, or simply aren't documented.  If any bits are set in the above
     243      two fields that aren't recognized, a hexidecimal representation of all of
     244      these mystery bits will be included in the output.  For instance, if the
     245      lowest bit and third lowest bit were not recognized while being set,
     246      the number "0x5" would be included as an element in the list.
     247    </para>
     248    <para>
     249      While the ACL/ACE output format is mostly stable at this point, minor
     250      changes may be introduced in future versions.
    173251    </para>
    174252  </refsect1>
    240318    <para>
    241319      You'll notice that registry paths aren't all the same as the
    242       equivalents you see in the windows registry editor.  Don't ask me why
    243       that is.  I just work here.
    244     </para>
    245     <para>
    246       This software should be considered unstable at this time.
     320      equivalents you see in the windows registry editor.  This is because
     321      Windows constructs the registry view from multiple registry files,
     322      each with their own roots.  This utility merely shows what exists
     323      under a single root.  This isn't really a bug, but one should be
     324      aware of the differences in path.
    247325    </para>
    248326  </refsect1>
  • trunk/lib/regfi.c

    r84 r87  
    9393  static const char* flag_map[32] =
    94     { "OI",
    95       "CI",
    96       "NP",
    97       "IO",
    98       "IA",
     94    { "OI", /* Object Inherit */
     95      "CI", /* Container Inherit */
     96      "NP", /* Non-Propagate */
     97      "IO", /* Inherit Only */
     98      "IA", /* Inherited ACE */
    9999      NULL,
    100100      NULL,
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